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flat feet

April 3, 2008

yesterday, at the store where i work, we got in conjoined creations flat feet. since i have my eye on a ton of yarn, i volunteered to knit the store sample. it’s been really interesting. you know that feeling you get when you pull your knitting out of a cluttered bag and you can feel the stitches pulling out in your hands? and then your stomach drops and you don’t want to look at the damage for 15 minutes because you’re terrified? i’m totally desensitized to that now.

anyway, i figured it could use some documenting.

here’s what it looks like when you first get it:

flat feet unknit

it’s a big piece of slightly wrinkled (from transport – they send it tied up in a knot!), flat knitted fabric with a design on it. not all of them are diagonally striped, they have all sorts of weird stuff going on. at work, we were all hypothesizing about what the sock itself would look like in terms of color patterning – my guess was pretty good!

frogged, un-knit yarn

yes, it does kink up. this is what it looks like before it gets re-knitted, but the label strongly advises the user not to ball the yarn before using it, and it’s tough to get out kinks that way.

anyway, here’s a few pictures of what it looks like pre-blocking. i’m using a plain sock pattern (yankee knitter no. 29), 1×1 top ribbing, 3×1 leg ribbing, and stockinette foot.

zoomed out wonky stitches
closeup of wonky stitches

i should mention that the recommended needle size on the label is a US 3. i refused to go that big; a) because i can’t imagine fingering weight socks knit at above a size 2 being remotely wearable, b) because i thought that the kinking would get worse the bigger the needle got, and c) the pattern i’m using calls for 2s.

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  1. April 6, 2008 7.08pm

    I’m surprised when we get sample socks from the supplier and they seem knit so loosely. Glad you’re not knitting the socks on a US 3.

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