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autumn wear

October 19, 2008

so i’m a really big fan of triangular scarves lately; i’ve been wearing them almost nonstop since it got cool enough outside not to look ridiculous covered in woolens. i’m trying to use up my stash to justify buying more yarn, so i’m killing off unfinished projects like there’s no tomorrow. i had these socks on the needles made out of noro kureyon sock, and made the executive decision that they’d never get finished, so i ripped them off and tossed them (ok, so it was just one) and made this sweet kerchief out of a fraction of the leftovers!

kureyon kerchief

it’s just a basic garter stitch triangle but i knitted on an edging in garter stitch so that the top border extends around the perimeter of the scarf. love it!

(ps that’s my going-to-sunday-brunch-in-northampton outfit. the following picture was taken a few days ago of me, knitting on the same scarf, at the restaurant i went to shortly after the above picture was taken:

this is funny because i basically only go three places in this town and this picture is proof.)

anyway pattern specifics: my own pattern, size 2 needles, a fraction of a ball of old stash kureyon sock yarn.

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  1. Lola permalink
    October 20, 2008 1.50am

    I’m trying to figure out where this was taken and it’s bugging me because it looks so familiar!

    btw, I kept meaning to compliment you on that scarf. I’m inspired to finish off some of my stash now.

  2. fuchsiaknits permalink
    October 20, 2008 8.32pm

    the first one is in tyler and the second is at the green bean! i don’t know if you’ve been there but it’s so great.

    i sort of feel like we should have a figure-out-your-stash club or something because i feel like i can’t be the only one whose mind is boggled by the sheer volume of yarn in my closet.

  3. Dena permalink
    October 22, 2008 7.29pm

    Ha! The Green Bean is one of three restaurants we go to these days. I recognized it right away.

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