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the good, the bad, and the…blue?

October 24, 2008

in a fit of productivity and will-powerlessness, i bought yarn for sweater no. 5 (we’re only talking on-the-needles sweaters) at work on wednesday. but, i am swatching for it like any good knitter should! look!

(sorry about picture quality, my lighting is meh.)

in my defense, it’s a perfect new color of northampton, which is my favorite yarn. and i only bought enough for the body of the sweater, i’ll be picking up the trim color when i’m closer to being finished!

of note: the reason that only half the swatch is pinned is because i want to get a good idea of what the other stitch patterns feel like only lightly blocked. i’m not THAT lazy.


in other news, i’m working on finishing the other 4 sweaters before i actually start this next one, which will be my mindless knitting project. two of them don’t really count: one’s cotton so i won’t wear it until at least may, and the other hasn’t been started enough to consider it an actual WIP. the top down raglan only has the sleeves left (stockinette in the round? piece of cake), but the mohair cardigan i didn’t pick up for almost a year…well, i think that swatch up there got all my good-knitter concentration, because guess what i didn’t check?

gauge problems

if you guessed gauge, you’re RIGHT. i’d completed the back and one of the fronts before, and i just pushed through one sleeve and 1/4 of the other front since tuesday and realized my gauge was off last night. luckily i think this is going to block out. but man, i must be WAY more relaxed than i was last winter.

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