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my wheel!

February 18, 2009
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so i got my new spinning wheel this past weekend! here’s a terrible cell-phone camera picture!

total myspace shot here. sorry. notice that rowan magazine on the floor next to it? it’s out because i was digging around for edgings for a pi shawl for work and wanted to see what jennie atkinson used on butterfly, the lace dress shown on the cover. after swatching and ripping for nearly a week, i ended up using (well, modifying) barbara walker’s loop lace edging, recommended by elizabeth zimmerman in knitter’s almanac for this exact purpose. i’ll post pictures when i have them!

oddly enough, you can also see the pattern for jared flood‘s koolhaas hat, which i ALSO knit for work this month, and, last week, in a trade with one of my coworkers. this picture is a veritable “where’s waldo” of knitting i don’t get to keep! here’s the one i made for work, in dream in color classy:

this picture was taken by my coworker, KT but since i am evidently laaaaazyyyy, i am using her picture. all. over. the. internet. (ok, just on ravelry and here.) sorry, KT!

speaking of knitting i didn’t keep, i finally got pictures of a hat i made for a friend of mine in december! i’m especially proud of the decreases:

i will probably write up a pattern and take more better pictures, but i’ll say now that this hat owes a lot to both koolhaas and melissa’s slouchy hat explanation – the former because of the hidden shaping, and the latter because of the short rows incorporated into the brim.

ANYWAY! i’m spinning away now! i need to work on my plying, but other than that, things are good! the best thing about being a music major is that i have a lot of listening homework to do, and usually it takes a few listens before i want to follow along with a score, so today i sat around and listened to beethoven’s op. 18, no.6 (the b-flat major string quartet, for my string quartet seminar) a few times and didn’t feel like i was neglecting my schoolwork.

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