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March 4, 2009
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i’ll be the first to admit my project ADD; in fact, sometimes i question my decision to remain at WEBS post graduation because of the amount of temptation i face every day at work. every time a new yarn or fiber comes in, i inevitably stash a skein behind the counter and admire it. sometimes, this results in unnecessary yarn going home with me. i count it as my only job hazard (other than sometimes overturning huge boxes of this on myself, but who’s complaining about that?).

somehow – ok, i know exactly how this happened – this has resulted in my having the following three sweaters in various states of unfinished-ness currently in my possession. i know everyone loves embarrassing UFO posts, so here you go, internet, eat your heart out.

first, the most exciting: a sweater in northampton. knit on size 5 needles instead of the recommended 7-8s, in the round, steeked up the middle, serious waist shaping, and saddle shoulders.

i don’t even know if i even LIKE this anymore! i started this in november, maybe, and keep waffling about what kind of neckline i want. i’m still this close to ripping out the front edging and putting in a foldover collar instead of this future shawl collar.

the plan for this was to make it double breasted with some good buttons, but i don’t know what i’m doing anymore. i’ve tried it on at least ten times and i’m still not convinced i like the fit, even though i know a good blocking will fix all its issues. i don’t know where i want to put the buttonholes, how many, or even what kind of buttons i want. usually i can visualize at least the color and number of buttons for any given project, but i’m stumped here! i’m just sort of down on this project. ok, not sort of. totally. i can’t wait until it’s done.

next, the most recent: a cardigan version of the ubiquitous o w l s pullover.

stupidly, i decided it was a good idea to start something that required not only 7 buttons up the front, but 36 ADDITIONAL buttons. yeah, i have to sew on 36 of these:

the pattern is written, understandably for a pullover version, with the body starting at the left seam. when the yoke is joined, the beginning of the round is at the back of the left sleeve. however, for my purposes, i wanted to start the row at the center front, so i recalculated the short rows and added a few stitches. if anyone is interested in how i did that, i can write it up, but i’m pretty sure it’s self-explanatory.

in a fit of stupidity i managed to sew on the two buttons at the very bottom before running out of sewing thread. i can’t even wear it! if i’d started at the top, it might have been wearable. maybe.

also visible in this photograph, my awesome crocheted steek! i reinforced it with waste yarn from the aforementioned northampton sweater.

the owls sweater was a quick, cheap knit; i used 5 skeins of riverstone bulky on size 10s, and it took about 4 days. i wish i could wear it, though.

lastly, i have this mess of a thing, a top down raglan cardigan in dive zenith.

looks great, right? somehow i managed to lose enough weight that, well, i’ll let this picture illustrate my point…

(i wear that green cardigan with about 1″ ease)

and that’s without the planned 2″ button band. frogging probably isn’t worth it on this, since i broke the yarn every ten rows. it’s too bulky to fold over the front edge, and i don’t trust any sort of reinforce-then-cut technique in this stuff. i have no idea what to do! wait until i re-gain the weight? maybe that’s the best option. until then, anyone have advice?

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  1. March 5, 2009 12.27pm

    If you ever do write down the mods you made to the O W L S pullover/cardigan, I would LOVE to know. (:

  2. fuchsiaknits permalink
    March 5, 2009 1.41pm

    yeah, sure! i’ll do it later today or tomorrow 🙂

    i’ll even give you tips on what i would do differently if i were to knit it a second time!

  3. March 8, 2009 8.34pm

    love love love the owls!

    thursday i am casting on my own…

    • fuchsiaknits permalink
      March 8, 2009 9.40pm

      yayyy! what color did you decide? can’t wait to see it!

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