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i’ve been bad…

March 11, 2009

i’ve been sitting around thinking hard about things i want to knit, and prioritizing. i wanted to finish the two sweaters in that post from a few days ago (or at least the northampton jacket) before starting something new.

then i started sketching for an ivy day dress. see, at smith, there’s this tradition where the day before commencement, we have ivy day, and have to wear a white dress. of course, i can’t find any white dresses that i like online – my requirements are cap sleeves, not ugly, and less than $100. so i decide well, maybe the sweaters aren’t a priority. i have a month and a half to knit this dress. more on that later.

with my self-inflicted deadlines postponed, i went into work on monday thinking i’d pick up some white 8/2 tencel. instead, i left with 2 skeins of eco wool – getting wind-offs for yourself while working seems almost as wrong as knitting on the job! so far, that looks like this:

i have to admit, i’ve never been interested in larger-gauge knitting until recently. i guess that owl sweater did me in! also, in my defense, this soon-to-be yoke-or-raglan sweater is serving as a canvas for my handspun (!!!!!!) as seen in the photograph above. for the hem lining, it’s also using up some yarn left over from a hat i made for my best friend this past christmas – malabrigo worsted, in geranio.

look, don’t they look nice together? yeah? i know. perfect.

coming down from that rampant consumption high, i left my remaining store credit at home today. of course, what do i see but this!

skye tweed, one of my favorite discontinued yarns. i know, i know, i have a huge enough stash, but come on.

how could i resist?

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