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March 13, 2009

maybe i wasn’t totally honest in my last post; i forgot to mention the skein of malabrigo worsted that hopped into my bag along with the eco wool.

i lost my beloved ganomy hat (elizabeth zimmerman’s design), made out of malabrigo worsted in their “sunset” colorway, in november. being the lazybones that i am, i neglected to recreate it since then. in my defense, i have knit eight(!) hats since then. one of them was for myself, but it’s more decorative than functional, since the yarn is my early handspun and pretty thick and thin (blogged here).

when i found this skein, it was pretty much love at first sight. i was with a customer, and i’m pretty sure my reaction was unprofessional; i said, “hmmm….i’ve never seen this color here before. were you thinking of going with this one?” and when she said no, i put it in my apron pocket.

i decided to use this yarn test knit the pattern i wrote up for that other malabrigo hat, which appeared a month or so ago here in terrible camera-phone picture. hey, at least i’m making good on my promise to take better photographs at some point, right?

anyway, i’m pretty happy with it, the fiddly shaping and cabling i used turns normal k2, p2 ribbing into mini empire state buildings! the twisted stitches look like giant radio antennae! awesome.

as i mentioned in the previous post on this hat, i’m really proud of the hidden crown decreases. here’s a closeup of how the twisted stitches converge at the top of the hat.

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  1. March 14, 2009 9.23pm

    Hey, that’s the hat you were wearing today! I like it a lot.

    • fuchsiaknits permalink
      March 14, 2009 10.08pm

      yeah, it is, thanks! i basically haven’t taken it off since i finished it. it was good to see you today!

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