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commencement weekend, webs style

May 19, 2009

oof. so many things to write about! i guess i’ll go chronologically!

my graduation festivities started last wednesday, when i was interrupted at work (i think i was organizing single patterns to be bar-coded and then filed, haha) by the store manager, karen, holding a GIANT CAKE and the assistant store manager, tina, holding a wrapped present! i wasn’t expecting any celebration at work at all!

but, look what my coworkers (all of them, from all over the store) got me!

that’s right, barbara walker stitch dictionaries! they even checked my account in our customer database to make sure i didn’t own them already. i mean, seriously. these guys are awesome. best job ever. thanks, everyone!

ok, so fast forward to saturday. this is the part most of you guys have probably been holding your breath for. you’ve all been wondering whether i finished my ivy day dress in time. well…

(me and my best friend, melina)

here, have another!

(me and my parents)

there it is! it grew about an inch over the 7 hours i wore it, so i’d say that’s manageable. i’m going to reknit it (in more wearable colors) and make some improvements that i couldn’t have done due to time constraints for this incarnation (i.e. adding a knitted belt/sash, setting the stockinette ruffle into the bottom curve instead of sewing it all around) but for something i made up while knitting it, i think it worked out pretty well. not the most flattering garment ever, but with those improvements, i think it will work out. also i definitely needed a longer slip! oops. whatever, i’ll call that one a success.

so, since then, i’ve graduated (for real!) and moved into my friend’s apartment as a stop-gap measure before i move into mine on june first. i thought you guys would probably appreciate this cell-phone picture of my belongings.

yeah, that box is all yarn and yarn-related paraphernalia. mostly yarn. and let me just say, it is crazy how many partial balls of malabrigo i have! so, i started this last night:

yeah, it’s the beginnings of a GIANT granny square. in malabrigo. so far i’ve incorporated vaa, sunset, and verdeazul. the plan is to change colors in the blue spectrum as gradually as possible, all while interspersing sunset (my favorite malabrigo colorway!) every two rows. next up is azul profundo. i’m thinking that with all my leftovers, i’ll probably have to buy a total of 4 skeins for this giant blanket – pretty budget friendly for a super soft merino wool blanket, don’t you think?


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