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i have a problem

June 20, 2009

at work, about two weeks ago, we decided to revamp the spinning wheel floor model selection, since we pretty much had all louets out and we wanted to make sure people had a few options. if you’re in the market for a wheel, you probably have pretty strong opinions about what you like!

so, karen, the store manager, and i went back into the big warehouse (not the one open to the public, the one where we keep extra wheels, looms, and valley yarn backstock, among other things) and pulled out one each of the ashford joy and the traveler, since that’s what we had available. we were surprised to unearth a lendrum double treadle folding wheel, marked “broken, wheel rubs” in wheel backstock section with them! so after i set up the joy and built the traveler, i took a look at the lendrum. turns out, i just had to loosen a nut and pop the wheel into the right place! so, our spinning area now looks like this:

i have to say here, i love my louet s10. it’s easy to use and you can fit a lot on those big bobbins! i never thought i was in the market for another wheel. but, after trying the lendrum, i have to admit i was sort of smitten. so what did i do? i did this:

knitting matters “circle of life” sweater in valley superwash

zephyr style “wicked” in valley lenox

the “common octopus”, from hansi singh’s new book “knit amigurumi”

some spinning samples of a frabjous fibers hand dyed merino in the colorway “moulin rouge”

add a carrot, also from “knit amigurumi” (we have a display from this book going!) and a bunch of swatches, and you get

a TON of store credit. enough to bring home this:

my new lendrum, faintly lit by “the west wing” on television. ok, on dvd.

it was also enough to give me what seems to be the beginning of some sort of hand injury. so, i’m off the needles for a week or two while i recover. the upside of this is that now i have plenty of time to devote to spinning. right?

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