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July 28, 2009

for the past month, in which i haven’t posted anything on this blog, my knitting has been, for the most part, uninteresting and work-related. not really blog-worthy. someday soon, hopefully, the things i’m working on now will see the light of the internet! i know at least one thing will…that is, if i can get it done by my deadline!

i am busier with knitting and designing than i ever was with schoolwork. this may be weird considering i’ve never published a design and don’t really have many likely prospects to do so, but i’m throwing myself into it with all my efforts and feeling really productive, but also pretty rational about which of the things i’m working on will ever see the light of day. everything i’m working on is great practice for learning how to construct a garment from scratch, and i’ve come to appreciate swatching even more than i did before.

meanwhile, look at this stuff i’ve accumulated recently!

sheep spin roving, on closeout at webs. i brought these three braids home with me.

more sheep spin roving, spun up. i had to buy a test braid to make sure i liked it, and to practice before i bought enough for the sweater i want to make!

a pile of the prettiest buttons i’ve ever seen. i bought them at a junk store in new york, i’m probably going to go back there next time i’m around and see if there are any more. supposedly there’s a guy who breaks down old factories who sometimes brings stuff into the store, these are vintage from a factory from the 1920s. awesome!

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  1. October 25, 2009 12.34pm

    those buttons are so beautiful! care to share where you found them? 🙂

    • fuchsia permalink*
      October 25, 2009 8.54pm

      i got them at a junk store about an hour outside of new york, by my parents house!

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