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August 4, 2009

so, i think i have a fiber stashing problem. ok, that’s fine, but more than just that, i have a color-predictability problem!

for example, i recently acquired some pigeonroof studios bluefaced leicester roving in saffron. i was so excited about it, and when it came i though to myself, “hey, this would look great with my OTHER pigeonroof fiber!” i put them next to each other and even took this cute family picture

before i realized that these colors looked familiar. yeah, guys, that’s pretty much identical to my malabrigo granny square.

in other news, i’ve been knitting away over here! look, proof:

if that looks familiar, there’s probably a reason.

hey at least i’m branching out in color, right?

and finally, i had an idea today at work that i literally could not stop thinking about. so i bought yarn (eek!), came home, and swatched

that’s one of the tiny balls left over from my fight with my skein of malabrigo sock (in solis! so pretty). i’m using it to swatch out the increase locations.

evidently my brain thinks i should rip off melissa‘s style.

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