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one down, one (and a quarter?) to go

August 21, 2009

of my three projects that needed to be finished by the end of the month, i have half of one, 3/4 of another, and no more work to do for one of them! what a relief! and look, i even have a sweet picture of the finished one!

this is a pretty teal version of my ivy day dress, published (!!!!!) by valley yarns and knit in their 10/2 bamboo. i am going to take a moment to say again how much i love where i work; without the support of my coworkers at webs (and the elkins too!), i probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to start this for myself, and i definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to publish it.

i keep joking with everyone that i started off “easy”; my first real garment design is just a lace dress, not a big deal at all. but i’m actually serious, the yarn and the simple, biasing stitch pattern do all the work for you. it’s easy to read your knitting in this, and there is absolutely no shaping to interfere with the stitch pattern, whatsoever. can you tell i’m really happy with it? see more information on the webs blog (thanks, kathy!).

that dress has gotten me a few valuable resources…i’m building up a library!

ok, so the two pamphlets on the right-hand side aren’t totally necessary for a knitting library. but i am absolutely in love with both the yarn and patterns from veronik avery’s line, saint denis. us webs employees got to see a bunch of the new classic elite garments in person, including the saint denis stuff, and there are like three sweaters i NEED from the saint denis booklet.

not to mention the brooklyn tweed book. my stash of $2 bin skye tweed (sadly discontinued) has somehow multiplied to sweater size, and i think that his redhook (ravelry link) will be amazing in this yarn. i might have to mess around to create a good garment, since skye tweed is a little bit bulkier than moorland…and of course i’m steeking it. jared said, when he spoke at webs last night, that he didn’t steek this garment because he didn’t want to cut ALL the sweaters in the collection, but i prefer cutting my sweaters to not cutting them. i’m sure you understand. as a sidenote, he was literally the most personable, friendly speaker i’ve met at webs, and i can see myself making and wearing all of his designs in this collection with minor adaptations…ok, it’s just that i can’t currently and have no desire to try to wear pullovers.

ok, that’s all for today. gail brought some mystery fiber into work…so i have some serious spinning to do.

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  1. August 23, 2009 10.20am

    I’m so excited for you!!! The dress turned out great!

  2. August 24, 2009 5.13pm

    You are making me so excited to be back at work!! I have a serious designer crush on Veronik Avery, I really can’t wait to look through the St Denis book. And of course, your dress is gorgeous!

    I have been knitting all day and I take a break… to read knitting blogs. ha!

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