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September 2, 2009

after more work than i care to describe, i finally managed to complete all of my knitting and designing i wanted to do this past month. this didn’t serve any purpose other than to make the vacation i took this past weekend all the more necessary.

i brought a lot of knitting with me (the entirety of my skye tweed stash may or may not have come along for the ride) and my lendrum, but, sadly, i didn’t get much knitting done, only about a foot of a bulky cabled scarf for webs and some finishing work. i spent about ten minutes on some beautiful kangaroo dyer merino tencel roving before i got nervous about what i wanted to make with it and put it down, thus leading me to the realization that i have some serious performance anxiety about doing my fiber stash justice! time to stock up on some good old bfl and a few spinning books, i guess.

even though i didn’t get much work done on my vacation (probably for the best), an old, unblogged AND unphotographed FO came to the beach with me!

ok, so it was a PAIR of FO’s and it didn’t come with me, it came with my as-yet-similarly-unblogged boyfriend. say hi!

obviously well-worn, these socks were a holiday present. or something. i don’t really remember why i knit them, but i loved every second! i used berroco ultra alpaca fine and knit them on size 1s (i think…) with a size 0 for the heel and toe, using the helical stripe technique (thanks, grumperina!) with 2 ends of grey and one of red. for the cuff, i knit in 1×1 ribbing and then changed to 3×1 for the leg and the instep so these socks really stay put. yay, ribbing!

since then, berroco ultra alpaca fine has been one of my favorite yarns! it comes in great colors and feels awesome – usually i’m not a huge fan of yarns with man-made fibers in them, but the nylon in ultra alpaca fine seems only to have the effect of creating a drapier, silkier fabric. it’s awesome. i sort of want to steal those socks, but i won’t. don’t worry.

anyway still swatching away over here! and if anyone sees any size 7 circulars, they’re probably mine. there was a time when i felt like every needle i owned was a size 7, but of course now that i need them, they’re all missing. it’s so sad, i have so much worsted weight yarn to use, and i can’t even swatch it! oh well, time to get to work on something bulky instead of these great colors.

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