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stitches midwest

September 15, 2009

this past week i got to spend some time away from home, working at the webs booth at stitches midwest! it was pretty grueling but we did get little bits of time (about 10 minutes each day) to check out other vendors. it was a great experience but i’m super glad to be back in my own home tonight!

anyway here are some pictures of what i brought home with me, on the desk in my living room.

a huge skein of alpaca from cheryl oberle’s booth. i saw a woman walking around with one of these around her neck like a necklace on the first day and knew i needed one! taking my cues from the use of this yarn as a simple accessory, i’m going to turn it into a long stockinette tube, graft it to itself, and wrap it around my neck as many times as possible. it is SO soft.

two skeins of sunday knits’ 100% merino sportweight in colors “pickle” and “chocolate” (adorable names!) destined to be a double-knit cowl.

a bunch of isager yarn, all wool, for a sweater experiment. hopefully the sweater will be in focus, unlike the yarn in this picture. oops!

8 ounces of 70% wool, 30% seacell roving from creatively dyed fibers! there’s a funny story about this one. on the first day, after we had set up our booth and cara and i were peeking at everyone else’s, i saw this particular thing of roving from all the way down the aisle and said “i need that fiber. that exact one. i need it.” so i went back early before the market opened on the first day and made dianne sell it to me. as she was running my card through she said, “one of the girls at webs used this color for a sweater, sometimes she brings it with her, you should try to see it!” and i realized that i have been ADMIRING this sweater she was talking about (on my coworker, kirsten, the designer at webs) for MONTHS. i was a little embarrassed but kirsten assured me that our dyelots are completely different so we don’t have to worry about being twinsies by accident. phew!

i also recently purchased a jenkins turkish spindle, since we got them in at webs! i love it. if i were a quicker spinner i might do those 8 ounces of merino/seacell on it, it’s so much fun to use. meanwhile it’s just sitting around looking pretty.

anyway, maybe next post i will have done some actual KNITTING. hopefully. right?

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  1. theherocomplex permalink
    September 18, 2009 3.59pm

    Wow! I just googled videos about using a Turkish Spindle and that is awesome! I love how it comes apart and your yarn is in a ball!

    • fuchsia permalink*
      September 19, 2009 10.04pm

      yeah it is totally awesome! sorry i hadn’t gotten this comment before i saw you today or i would have shown you/let you play with the demo one in the store. stupid wordpress 😦

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