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finished sweater!

September 19, 2009

wow, i finished something? i did! i finished something! it still counts if it’s bulky, right?

this is what it looks like when i spend a few days crunching numbers to make my yoke and sleeve patterning work out for 5 sizes. i’d say i’d call this “slightly harried”.

here’s the back!

theoretically this will have buttons and sewn button loops on both the split cuffs and the neckline, if webs gets some in that look good with it. it will also theoretically be a valley pattern! also exciting!

it’s basically the same pattern as a part-handspun sweater i never finished (but posted UFO pictures of)…now that i know what i want to do with it, maybe i should try to finish it before rhinebeck! i’ve never been before but isn’t that a thing people do, the proverbial “rhinebeck (or, insert your local fiber fest here) sweater”?

i had a time of it mapping out the stitch pattern. i’ve seen this before in one color, but i wanted to use two. it entails some fancy needle-work, but nothing impossible or too fiddly. and it’s totally worth it.

it even looks good unblocked! but that’s mostly the yarn; i used valley yarns’ northampton bulky, and it knits up REALLY nicely. and i don’t even like bulky yarn!

in other news i’ve decided to work on my spinning techniques. i know this doesn’t look so impressive, but i made this last night and i’m so proud of myself!

it’s a single and it DOESN’T TWIST BACK ON ITSELF. it is actually usable for knitting! it’s weird though, i can overspin things (which i usually fix in plying) and i now i can hardly spin things, but i can’t figure out how to do any of that fine-tuning in between. that might have to wait though because i have a new hobby!

this could be trouble.

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