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winter accessories

December 19, 2009

i’ve never liked knitting mittens. i don’t know what my aversion is to them, either. but, when i lost my pair of kate gilbert’s gifted mittens which were basically all pills anyway because of the yarn i used, i decided i needed to stop being a crybaby about mittens and just do it. i had a skein of beaverslide dry goods mctaggart tweed that i really wanted to use for something, so i took some measurements and cast on.

the mittens came out…well…functional. the yarn is beautiful but you can tell by looking at this project that i hate knitting mittens. i mean, they only took a few hours, but my gauge changes right in the middle because i realized i was so stressed by knitting them, i was an entire half-stitch off my swatch! seriously. you can see in this picture!

this week, i also knit a few hats. the first was a test-knit for melissa, who i’m lucky enough to work with at webs. she came in a few weeks ago with a really great bulky hat covered in a stitch pattern that looked like acorns! i was pretty impressed with it, and she generously agreed to let me test-knit the pattern. i whipped it up in a night and have hardly taken it off all week!

i can hear screams all the way from the next town over because i took this picture before i blocked the hat (just kidding! sort of…) but it is the best picture i have of it, which is just too bad! my camera refuses to photograph reds. sorry, internet. i promise that the pattern does not say “knit in totally uneven, messy-looking ribbing for x inches”, scout’s honor!

speaking of melissa, i’ve used a technique that i’m pretty sure she pioneered for my new hat pattern, sea nettle (that’s a ravelry link). about a year ago, i made a few hats resembling this pattern using her short-row shaping for slouchy hats, wrote up the pattern, and never really tested it. when we got twist in at webs, i knew i had to buy at least 50 skeins all at once! i kid, but i have bought 15, which is pretty upsetting. one of these skeins, in the “liquid ambar” colorway, i used to test the pattern i wrote for that series of hats.

i’m really proud of this pattern, if i do say so myself. i made up a symmetrical single decrease that i’m really happy with, and i’ll probably use it in other projects from here on out. as for the actual hat, the color is a little pink, but it’s been growing on me. i still might give it away to a family member or friend, though, it just doesn’t go with my winter wardrobe. oh, well, at least the pattern came out nicely!

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