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January 7, 2010

a lot of the time when my boyfriend or parents or whoever happens to be trying to get an email response from me at any given time asks me why i’m so busy and stressed out all the time, i say it’s because i work two jobs. most of the time, the response is something like “when did you start a second job?” and then i explain that i go to work full time (in december, it was six days a week because webs was open sundays), and then i come home and do more work, usually about 20 hours a week, trying to get patterns written, knit, and edited to completion; researching; (thinking about) writing blog posts; and knitting garments for other commitments. not that i don’t like knitting and designing, or that i’m frustrated in any way, it just gets to be a little overwhelming sometimes trying to create all of this stuff on top of my full time job!

take, for example, this sweater.

doesn’t look like much, does it? well, that’s because it isn’t, yet. someday, hopefully before stitches west (or i predict i will die a brutal death at the hands of andra, webs’ absolutely lovely berroco rep), it will look something like an improved version of this red thing.

maybe somewhere along the line i mailed this mess of a sweater-type-thing to berroco and somehow it ended up as one of the eight finalists in a contest that had to do with sock yarn, and i never really knew how to blog about it, especially because this is the best picture i have of this sweater! either way, this thing came out embarrassingly small, so i’m reknitting it in my size and letting webs “borrow” it until i decide i want to wear it on a regular basis or something. but seriously, that is an entire. sock. yarn. sweater. on size. 2. needles. by NEXT MONTH. i’m budgeting an inch a day and i know i’ll make it in plenty of time, but it’s still nerve-wracking!

but, i just managed to purchase something pretty cool from webs’ store manager that is making my vain attempts at budgeting my time a little bit harder!

it’s an 8-shaft leclerc voyager and i sort of totally love it. i’ve been thinking for a long time about trying to put together a little collection of salable items, and even more so since my roommate started working at a super cute, super trendy craft gallery downtown last summer, so i tried out an idea i had for a scarf:

(i swear the tassel-y bits are getting less gross. for real – this is right out of my top-loader, still damp!)

it’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there. or at least it will after february, right?

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