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no news is good news

January 13, 2010

still plugging away on that purple thing with nothing really new to report except a clearer picture of the scarf i posted last week!

we got the spring berroco booklets in at webs, but i haven’t brought one of the sock star ones home yet, so i don’t have a picture of my garment on the model. it’s called the weymouth street tunic – my rhode island-born roommate tells me it’s a street in providence – it looks surprisingly well-fitting on the model for such a small garment, and the styling is great (thanks cirilia)! i’ll be sure to put up a picture soon!

meanwhile, my weaving stash grew…immensely, thanks to a trip to habu and some donations from gail, to whom i’m pretty sure i owe my firstborn child at this point.

ok, back to work. more substantial post soon.

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  1. January 13, 2010 9.27pm

    Hi! I’ve been slowly adding the booklets to Ravelry and our web switchover is on Friday but here is a picture:

    I agree, it looks very lovely. Nice work all around!

    • fuchsia permalink*
      January 14, 2010 12.21am

      ooh thanks! i figured you guys must be really busy and the patterns would be up sometime this week. but it’s sort of exciting to see it on your website!

      also, give my sincerest thanks and apologies to your tech editor.

  2. Tina permalink
    January 14, 2010 3.45pm

    Yay! Post a pic of the booklet!

    (hi, cirilia!)

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