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“spinning” and gifts!

February 5, 2010

eek! it’s been almost a month since my last post! i’ve just been so busy on this bear of a sweater that i haven’t gotten anything else done! well, that’s not true. i’ve been putting my spinning wheels to good use, at least!

oh, wait, you thought i meant spinning, didn’t you? sorry to disappoint with my unnecessarily difficult-to-use bobbin winder, here’s a picture of some laceweight i’m working on for a store sample.

the past few weeks, i’ve had occasion to make a bunch of other projects i can’t keep. first off, I made a few little needle-felted animals for my boyfriend’s band (that’s a link to their myspace, do people even use that anymore?). well, more accurately, i made a pig-bunny, and my boyfriend, who got surprisingly into needle felting, made a bunny-pig. or the other way around. well, i made the one with a pig body and he made the one with the bunny body.

next up is a joke that i took too far. on my birthday, the aforementioned boyfriend’s good friend wished me happy birthday by saying that he had written me a special birthday card, which was inside a ball of yarn that i had to knit into the shape of massachusetts and send to him to decode it…not that any of that makes any sense. but when he suddenly decided to move to hawaii, i knew i had to do SOMETHING.

why yes, that is malabrigo! i think the colorway is stone blue?

lastly, one of my good friends and coworkers at webs, louisa, recently turned 21! i knew for that occasion i had to make her something great, and i came up with the idea of slippers…after agonizing over it until the day of her party. of course, they weren’t dry by the end of the day, so i gave them to her a few days ago.

luckily, her first and last name both begin with the same letter, so no matter what slipper she decides goes on what foot, the monogram on these will still make sense.

in other news, my slip-stitch yoke sweater i posted about a few months ago is finally available from webs. it’s called the dragonfly henley” (rav link) and i’m really, really happy with it!

ok, time to work on my sweater for stitches west! time is running out, but i’m about to join the sleeves, so i think i’ll be ok!

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