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stitches west recap (ish)

March 8, 2010

hello again, east coast!

i got back from stitches west a week ago, and i’m still trying to acclimate myself to being home again! thankfully, the weather has indulged me; i haven’t worn my coat since i came back here, it’s been so nice! i’ve been busy working hard and hanging out with my boyfriend’s cat, and haven’t had time to blog (oops), but rest assured i have a LOT to share with you!

obviously, the first thing that any stitches recap post should cover is exactly how much unnecessary knitting paraphernalia my sleepy brain tricked me into buying. thankfully, there is NOTHING that fits into this category. i pre-planned my budget and purchases and managed only to walk away with goodies from the booth shared by krista and karrie.

from left to right, pigeonroof studios original sock in “pumpkin”, girl on the rocks bfl in an unidentified color (aka melissa‘s future spouse, she really told me she was going to run away and marry it, she loved it so much!), and girl on the rocks falkland in “angry pansy”.

now, before i left for california, i made myself a promise that i wouldn’t buy anything from anyone whose products i had languishing in my stash. planning on buying only fiber from pigeonroof – not yarn – i managed to spin up the two braids i bought over the summer!

this is two skeins of bfl, heavy worsted 2 ply in “agave” and “saffron”. i’m pretty much in love with it. the actual fulfillment of my promise to myself was pretty last-minute – i actually left the newly-washed and set skeins drying when i left for the airport at 4am! after coming home to this pleasant surprise, i felt confident enough in my spinning abilities to jump right into the falkland shown above.

i split the braid in half in the middle, and will probably split the second half of it in half again lengthwise, and spin it into a subtlely sort-of-self-striping kind of thing. i’m also aiming for a heavy worsted with this, but i put a little more twist in it to give it some extra bounce! as a sidenote, this fiber is a dream to spin. i think it’s partially that it was dyed really well, but also that falkland is AWESOME. it’s so crimp-y, but the crimps aren’t big and wavy, they’re small and bouncy. i can’t wait to use this yarn.

ok, so after sharing my purchases, i can move on. i will save most of my newer projects for a later post, but i do have to show off a little bit. on the first day of the show, kirsten, the webs designer-in-residence, and i realized that we didn’t bring any garments in one of my favorite yarns, northampton bulky! i volunteered to knit a little hat, so we could have something to show in it.

while i was finishing setup, i brainstormed decrease patterns, jotting down notes on scrap paper in-between arranging yarns. when we were done, i picked up a skein of the yarn, borrowed some size 10.5 needles from the booth, and went to work!

i designed and knit this hat in about eight hours, including time spent in the booth. it will probably be a valley pattern at some point. andra, our berroco rep, and i named it “two ducks” after a wildlife encounter we had while walking on a cute little path behind a closed amusement park during the day. you can see pictures from the walk on flickr.

and with that, i’m pretty much done with my stitches recap. i’ll leave you with this picture of kirsten standing next to our stack of a few of our empties after we finished breaking down our ten booths in less than an hour and a half!

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