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March 25, 2010

i’ve been working hard over here, doing a lot of spinning and knitting, and enjoying the spring weather!

i finished spinning that first braid of fiber i bought from girl on the rocks at stitches, getting a super-super-bulky two-ply with about 75 yards in it! it’s bulkier than i’ve ever spun, and it’s a little sad getting that small an amount out of something so beautiful, but i did go into the process trying to spin extra super bulky, so i guess it was successful! and it makes a fine neckwarmer, no knitting required!

i also spun up some superwash bfl roving from spunky eclectic, in black cherry, as an exercise in spinning fingering weight. i’m trying to get to a point where i can spin whatever weight i want, but i’m so out of practice with spinning, it’s a struggle! it’s also tougher than it should be, since i have a motley assortment of bobbins for my louet, which is my go-to wheel at the moment.

in knitting news, i decided, last minute, to take nancy bush’s estonian mittens class at webs last week! a lot of the other people in the class were commenting on how it’s hard to find something really NEW in knitting, that’s not just knits, purls, increases, and decreases, but the braided cast-on and the lateral braids around the cuff were completely new techniques to most of us! and i got to meet one of my knitting idols, so it was a great experience.

i didn’t use the traditional colors (black, white, and red), and i used classic elite “fresco” for the yarn, so my mitt is sort of weird. i love fresco, though. it always seems to look like flat, slightly faded vintage wallpaper to me, when it’s used in colorwork. this seems like a negative comment, but it’s not. i just don’t know how else to describe it. maybe “home-y and comfortable looking”.

i also finished a sweater (ok, a tee) in southwick (a cotton/bamboo blend), a new design for webs!

it’s a drapey summer garment knit from the bottom up and shaped only with a few, strategically placed horseshoe cables. i was suspicious of this yarn because of the bamboo content, but it’s constructed of a ridiculous number of plies, themselves consisting of a ply of cotton and a ply of bamboo, so it holds cables well enough for them to act as a shaping element, while still draping in the stockinette sections!

i love it and feel like i might need to knit this for myself! as a side note, this mannequin’s real purpose at webs right now is to show off gudrun‘s skirt she designed for classic elite. i’m not one for knitted skirts, but this one is so cute, it’s won me over!

this last thing isn’t knitting related, but pretty cool just the same. my boyfriend and i went on a mini-vacation to cape cod, and went to a thrift store. i found a plastic baggie containing these embroidered flowers for less than a dollar! i think i’ll get them framed.

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  1. March 28, 2010 9.52am

    1) Yay for spinning!
    2) Those flowers are the best thrift store find I’ve seen in ages.
    3) I LOVE that tee!

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