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april fools!

April 1, 2010

today was april fools day, obviously, and i decided that since it’s my last april fools day at webs (i got a new job, so weird!), i had to play SOME sort of prank. so last night after classes got out, my friend/coworker cara helped me put up my replacement window decoration where webs’ awning usually hangs.

there were a few screws sticking out from where the awning used to be, so i made duct-tape loops through the top two corners of the edging and looped them around the screws, and then taped them down. i used about 100 yards of rope, which, as a sidenote, is really hard to wind into balls.

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  1. tina permalink
    April 2, 2010 8.35am

    that is so funny. 🙂 and so sweet!

    i’m going to miss you at webs. who’s going to help me pick out colors that go together, from now on?

    congrats on the job!

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