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farm trip

April 12, 2010

even though i’ve stopped working at webs, it doesn’t mean i don’t do webs stuff anymore! case in point: yesterday, we made a trip to three co-operative sheep farms in fitzwilliam, new hampshire! i couldn’t find my camera before we went, but my friend liz took this picture of me and a sheep friend i met at boulder meadow farm.

even though i’ve never processed a fleece, nor have i had any desire to do so, i somehow was convinced to split a silver romney fleece (didn’t catch the name of the sheep, unfortunately) with webs’ store manager, karen! so i’ve been testing out processing on little bits of it in my top-loading washing machine. i had a little scare last night when i forgot to turn off the washer for soaking and, as i was walking away after putting in the fleece, it started agitating! luckily, i think i got back to it in time. here’s some photographs from my first try at processing fleece!


washed, with a bit of unwashed behind for comparison. the color changed so much!

a tiny sample skein i spun up from the fluff-balls (technical term, i know) left after drying and picking out excess VM.

anyway, i’m planning to make a sweater out of this, which is at once exciting and nerve-wracking, since my spinning skills (especially woolen!) leave a little to be desired. but, since i’m processing it myself, i might as well go whole hog on this thing.

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