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kangaroo dyeing!

June 1, 2010

wow, i’m almost caught up to where my life is in terms of photographing new crafting developments! and i haven’t knit in almost two weeks! it’s just a little break, but still a weird state of affairs.

anyway, a few weeks ago, cara and i went to gail’s studio to do some dyeing! even though i’m pretty sure i am hopelessly bad at dyeing, it was really fun, and gail is a great teacher! and just because i’m hopelessly bad at it doesn’t mean i don’t want to try again.

anyway, i was really into the “exercise” gail had us do, to get comfortable with dyes. first, we mixed dye solution in the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. if i’m remembering correctly, we used powders for this part – we mixed the powders with a little water and then diluted the paste.

you can see gail’s awesome color grid in the background of this picture…i should have referenced this more!

after we mixed our primaries, we used the primaries to create a color wheel, mixing different proportions of each one. gail took this picture of cara and i counting how many spoonfuls of each primary solution we were putting into each of our little dye cups.

then, we put some of each dye solution on the paper laid out along the table to see the color differences, and dyed a tiny skein of yarn in each dye cup.

after we’d dyed and set the full color wheel, which i don’t have pictures of, gail let us fool around with our own yarn! i dyed some yarn and fiber, but wasn’t totally happy with how it came out. you can’t see the fiber (too ugly), but here’s the yarn. i tried to stay “safe” and use only colors similar to one another that i like (yellows and greens), but i definitely need practice.

ok, that’s all for this post! more later on the newest addition to my equipment family.

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