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final misc. updates

June 9, 2010

so, i took a knitting machine class at webs a few weeks ago with cara (we do a lot of things together, i guess!) and it was pretty fun. a few days afterwards, i was digging around on craigslist during my lunchbreak and found a garage sale advertisement for somewhere in central mass, saying something about a knitting machine for $50! well, i figured i should at least check it out, and i emailed the woman who posted the ad asking more about it. long story short, she offered to sell it to me that day! so i bought it, $50 well spent!

i haven’t used it a lot yet, since it needs a new sponge bar, but it definitely knits. there are some kinks i need to work out, but all in all i think it’s worth it. i’m proud to join the ranks of all the “cheaters” out there, as some hand-knitters like to think; if you’ve ever tried to make yourself a plain stockinette sweater in laceweight yarn, i bet you’ve been looking for a way to “cheat,” too!

disclaimer: all joking aside, knitting machines do really cool things that would be really difficult and inconvenient to do by hand, and vice versa. they’re totally different.

anyway, you may notice that it’s in sort of an ugly place, although it’s painted a pretty blue color! the above picture was taken a few weeks ago, and this is what that corner looks like now.

(please ignore the bicycle pump and boxes from appliances i haven’t tested yet so might have to return)

the marimekko fabric hanging i made with canvas stretchers, using a tutorial found here.

NB: that door leads to my YARN CLOSET. yeah, i have a yarn closet. no, you can’t see pictures, it’s dark in there and sort of small, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on. but it holds my two spinning wheels, loom, knitting machine, tupperware full of yarn, and various webs bags full of yarn and fiber, while still having room for my linens and shoes! what a heavy duty closet, right?

you can also see, in that above picture, some really pretty fiber given to me by bethany. it is BFL from cloudlover and it’s my favorite colors! i’m enjoying spinning it a lot.

bethany and i have also had a sock-trade thing going for a while, although i am delinquent due to my lack of size 00 dpns for cuff ribbing (yes, i need only about 4 more rows), and i need to get on that. she gave me the pair she made me a week or so ago, and i love them!

i think it’s a cookie a pattern, kai-mei, way nicer than the extra-plain, toe-up socks that i made for her. i guess we’ll just have to do another trade!

lastly, and i have to show this off because i am so proud of finally dyeing something i like, i dyed this silk scarf at the webs store staff meeting on monday! gail graciously helped the whole store staff (even ex-full-time-now-super-part-time-rs like me) figure out the ins and outs of silk scarves and everyone’s came out great! here’s mine:

it looks a little neon, but i’m going to go with “verdant”. work with me on this one. i like it, ok?

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  1. theherocomplex permalink
    June 12, 2010 1.49pm

    I LOVE how your apartment looks! So jealous.

    • fuchsia permalink*
      June 15, 2010 9.12am

      thanks! you should come see it.

      also, it would be better with a cat…

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