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August 10, 2010

before i got all into side-to-side construction with the cardigan now named for pangea, the protocontinent, i had a little idea for a seamless, racerback tunicy-y tank. i was inspired in this endeavor by an unfortunate, slightly sheer hot pink thing from forever 21 that i lived in last summer. unfortunately, the only action shot of this schmatte i could find is this sort of embarrassing photo of my two best friends from smith and i that i took in the mirror of the women’s bathroom at the brooklyn museum.

my favorite parts of this garment were (and still are) the drape, racerback straps, length, and neckline. my least was the fact that i bought it somewhere i can’t even stand to look at when i end up at the mall. i figured the best way to fix my disdain towards myself for buying the poorly constructed tank-top meant for a body half my size would be to knit myself a similar version! my only criteria was that it had to be fun to knit, and not sag all over the place.

so, this became the allegoro chatham tank, published this week in the classic elite webletter. i’m pretty psyched about the construction of this garment! i knit it seamlessly side-to-side; basically i left the back stitches on holders a few times, knitting on them for a few inches at a time throughout the course of the garment, and ended with kitchenering everything. i won’t bore you with any more construction details (they’re all in the free pattern!), but i feel really good about it. and, of course, it’s edged with crab stitch to counteract any sag in the cotton-linen blend allegoro (a totally gorgeous yarn, btw).

i posted pictures of myself in this, although i look like cousin it, because it’s interesting to see it modeled with different amounts of ease. on me, it had about 4 inches, but i’m sure it had more on the model. also, we are obviously totally different body types (i am an “hourglass” shape, to put it verylightly), so it’s a little more filled out in some places on me. here are a few pictures from the webletter that show the difference. i knit large because i hoped it would look good with a lot of ease on a smaller model, and i think it does.

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