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spinning etc.

August 12, 2010

the weekend before i got my cat, i had begun spinning some fiber i bought from girl on the rocks at stitches west. then, i was a little nervous about spinning around noodle, due to what i’ve determined is a love of weaving, using my furniture as his loom. all issues aside, i’ve finally finished it! it’s a 3-ply dk-to-light-worsted weight, navajo plied. i don’t know the color, but i LOVE it. i’m thinking a triangular shawl of some sort (i know, boring) to take advantage of the stripiness. maybe with some slip stitches! i’m excited already.

excuse that ridiculous setup, i was taking pictures on my mantel and this green bowl was just begging to be used. here, have a normal picture:

for those concerned about how my cat’s love of yarn impacts my spinning, noodle is sort of bored by the spinning wheel. except he does like jumping up and down on the treadle when i’m not using it. he is a regular little fiber artist!

no knitting today; i’m in the middle of a cardigan for webs that i’ll probably finish up in a few days, so expect pictures then! relatedly, i’m in love with the brioche family of stitches. LOVE.

also relatedly, if anyone wants to weigh in on whether they think double-breasted cardigans are unflattering, please do. i’m torn between a serious love affair with buttons and knowledge that anything increasing what i will term “paunchiness” from here on out is probably a bad idea in a garment

i leave you with my newest crafty pursuit – taking apart lightbulbs and putting stuff in them. this one i’m going to use as part of a ceiling fixture, since my LED string is battery operated. no hard wiring = perfect for my rented apartment in a building sorely lacking in overhead lighting!

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