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October 24, 2010

i’m currently in a photographable-project drought, what with a secret project that is currently making it its business to destroy my knitting mojo, and this bear:


last year at rhinebeck, i bought a giant ball of cormo roving. i’ve spun up singles with about 10 of the 20 or so ounces, and am hoping to have enough for a 3/4 sleeve, deep-v cardigan. since it’s woolen spun, i think i’ll be good on yardage, but maybe i’ll add in a stripe (or more than one!) using some of this new fiber i bought this year at rhinebeck!

fiber from rhinebeck!

that’s 4 oz of cvm/alpaca blend from long ridge farm, and 20 oz of jacob roving processed by finger lakes woolen mill. last year i stopped at their booth and grabbed 4 oz of some of their small-batch fiber, i think some sort of fancy breed of sheep that i don’t remember. it was so nice! it came out lofty and bouncy, and was not tough to spin woolen, which is my new favorite way to spin. so, while my mom was waiting in line at the sanguine gryphon booth, i snuck over and picked up this stuff, which is totally gorgeous.

and here’s noodle, who tried to help me out with my photoshoot tonight by jumping on my plastic bags of roving and trying to bite them open. he’s trying to look like he’s paying attention to something else, but he’s really waiting for me to look away for a second so he can attack!

noodle drama

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  1. theherocomplex permalink
    October 25, 2010 1.53pm

    I love how that’s spinning up! I just want to squish it.

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