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new lens!

December 12, 2010

so in the past few weeks, i haven’t been doing much knitting. i’ve been spinning and doing a little bit on a few secret projects, but mostly i’ve been working so much i haven’t had the time to knit!

the most exciting thing that’s happened recently is that i got a new (film) camera with a bunch of lenses from craigslist! i will preface this with the fact that i have no particular brand alliance to pentax, but part of the reason i bought the dslr that i did a few years ago – a pentax k100d – was that all pentax k-mount lenses are compatible. the pentax k1000 that i bought a few days ago came with its kit lens and three extra lenses.

my favorite is a vivitar 49mm f/2.8; using it, i was able to take this great photo of some yarn i just finished on my kitchen table.


and, of course, one of noodle.


in other news, i signed up for pinterest but don’t have any friends on it – i’ve been too busy trying to find all the images i’ve saved in less intuitive places and compile them in my account than to find people i know! so, if you’re on it, find me here.

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