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April 13, 2011

peruvia roositud sweater

i finished the knitting and finishing on this sweater a couple months ago (at stitches west, actually!), but didn’t get around to taking photos of it until just this past weekend. my boyfriend and i went on a long-weekend, off-season trip to cape cod, and this sweater finally got some camera time! i’m very happy with it – it’s a basic, steeked, EZ saddle shoulder cardigan, with roositud inlays of four-shaft point twill.

peruvia roositud sweater

it’s knit in berroco peruvia, a perfect yarn for this technique due to its single-ply construction. it’s also just plain nice; when knit with a little breathing room (the gauge on this is towards the bulkier end of the peruvia spectrum), it feels so soft and silky! the pattern for this is being tech-edited now, and will be out shortly!

also, i developed the concept for this (woven twill inlays in knitting) at the same time as i was working on another pattern, which turned out pretty different, and which will be in cooperative press’ “fresh designs” series! that link is to the kickstarter for the project, which has some really great pledge rewards. so, if you feel like it, think about kicking in a few dollars! it’s been a really great project in which to take part, and i’m super excited to see the finished products!

on the same vacation, i also managed to get a few pictures of another old finished project: these mitts made out of this handspun have seen a lot of use since i finished them.

hermit crab friend

that’s me with a hermit crab at first encounter beach! wearing my first encounter hat! for a clearer picture of the colors, here you go:

armwarmers, pilly sweater


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