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May 16, 2011

i kept trying to think of a good continuation of the word “springtime” so the title of this post was more interesting, but the only thing that came to mind was this, and as much as i love mel brooks, it wasn’t exactly where i was going.


i was thinking more along the lines of vivid greens, since apparently all i have done in the past few weeks has been in some bright shade of green. speaking of the past few weeks, i’d like to say i haven’t blogged for a good reason. like that i got totally hung up on this sort-of-secret project, a soon-to-be-published pattern that i’m knitting for myself in my handspun, in a different weight than the original, for which i used the wrong needle size (of course) and knit almost the whole thing before ripping:

when at first you don't succeedfinished handspun thing

i later finished it, and i love it! but really i’ve just been in denial about how long it takes me to finish a pair of two-at-a-time toe-up socks, and promising myself that i’m going to blog as soon as i finish them (hint, i haven’t). oh, and eating a ton of miso. i go through phases with the stuff, and i’m in a big one now. this time it’s with porcini dashi and tons of nori. sometimes i add quinoa or noodles, but mostly it’s unnecessary. and yes, i am lucky enough to have a large enough stock of dried porcinis to create this cross-cultural abomination regularly – they were a gift from my boyfriend!

almost done porcini-dashi miso with quinoa and nori

ok, i’m going to go watch “buffy the vampire slayer” and try to finish these dumb socks! i have so little yarn left!

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