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quick update

July 12, 2011

hi, internet!

i have been moving this past month, so have been really busy with cleaning out my old apartment and getting settled in my new one. the upside to this is that i now have a room that has been designated my studio (!!!!), and the downside is that i haven’t had much time for knitting, spinning, or anything else!

i do have some news to share, though. i have a pattern in the fall issue of knitscene! i really love this pattern and can’t wait to see it knit up! it’s called the “charlemont cardigan,” named after the town adjacent to where my uncle has had a summer cabin for a very long time. as an aside, a visit to this cabin in the late 90s is the reason i live in western mass! we took a day trip into northampton and i got it in my middle-school-aged head that it was the town for me.


back to the sweater, the colorwork pattern made me think of the hilly skyline of the berkshires visible from the mohawk trail that runs through its namesake town; little did i know that there was a valley yarn called charlemont being planned when i sent in my sketch and swatch! my apologies to kathy and steve for designing a sweater that can’t be knit in the yarn which unwittingly shares its name.

i originally knit the sweater, for myself, as a pullover in quince & co lark, one of my all time favorite yarns. i may write this variation up at some unspecified time in the distant future.

charlemont pullover

meanwhile, i also did some dyeing!

should i do it?

my self-dyed falkland is seen here surrounding hello yarn pallid rambouillet. all the ravelry kids have been doing combo 3 plies, and i’ve been thinking about this one for a sweater. and, speaking of spinning sweaters, i finished one during tour de fleece!

total grey sweater

a little under 1300 yards of worsted weight, this is the dark grey jacob i bought at rhinebeck last year. phew! anyway, the tour de fleece is still going, and i have three knitting deadlines in the next month, so you might not see me for a while. i promise exciting news on the other side, though!

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