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fleece processing

September 8, 2011

i promise actual knitting content soon, but a bunch of my webs friends and i washed fleeces this past weekend, and it was so fun i had to blog about it asap!

skirting the cormo

kirsten, liz, cara, and i had six fleeces between the group of us that needed to be washed and processed. so, we figured we’d give each other some moral support! cara brought two lamb fleeces – a cormo and a bfl, which were both gorgeous – and an adult fleece, also gorgeous, weighing in at a monster SEVEN pounds!

cara and cormo


the fleeces pictured above are in various states of skirting. cara’s monster border leicester at the bottom, and liz’s two fleeces above that – an alpaca fleece, and a shetland fleece she sheared herself! how impressive!

kirsten apparently just came for the good company, and because we begged her to help us since she was the only one who had any fleece washing experience.

kirsten and fleece

here she is working on my fleece, a gorgeous 3.5 lb cormo/romney cross i bought at cummington. i love it so much, so here’s another picture to show how pretty it is:

my fleece

it came out incredibly soft, fluffy, and with just the right amount of lanolin. i’ve already started the carding process.

finished roving

well, that’s it for today! except this: if you haven’t noticed already, the pattern for my mill river cardigan is available here on ravelry. ok, now that’s really it. phew! off to spin.

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