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getting psyched for fall knitting

September 19, 2011

i know, there hasn’t been much actual knitting content on here recently. it’s not for lack of knitting action going on behind the scenes – i haven’t abandoned my first craft love for anything else! the honest to goodness truth is that i am just working on so much stuff that i can’t keep track of it all! none of my current projects are even secret knitting. i know, hard to believe.

pile of projects

this first one is a cardigan knit out of the totally gorgeous swans island fingering. it came in at webs a couple months ago and i made the mistake of picking up a skein. now, just as a warning, if you don’t want to buy more yarn, don’t even think about touching any swans island yarns. i ended up buying enough for a sweater.

i was a little disappointed to see some biasing in my sweater that didn’t show up on the swatch, but, as a spinner, i have become so obsessed with the feel of the final yarn that i can forgive it a little biasing in exchange for the bounce and almost resilient soft hand of this yarn. i figured i might just rip it out and start a new project with it, in an allover lace or knit/purl pattern to prevent biasing (i learned this trick from amy king’s awesome book spin control), but i figured i’d try blocking it just to see what happened. i was pleasantly surprised when the bias blocked out and left me with gorgeous, fluffed up stitches. i didn’t know this yarn could get any better, but it did! the blocking line is totally obvious, though, look right in the middle of this photo:

ostrich plume

i am also working on a sweater in the ever awesome quince & co. lark, in their “gingerbread” colorway. this sweater just needs sleeves and it will be all done! i am so happy with this yarn, as always; it holds twisted stitches SO well.

ws of gingerbread sweater

last in my current knits in progress, but not least, i have been working on what can only be called an interesting experiment in classic elite’s firefly. more on this later.


and, a fuchsia knits blog post just wouldn’t be complete without some spinning!

shaking leaves skein

this is the incredibly gorgeous “shaking leaves” by hello yarn. i have developed a bit of an obsession with adrian’s fibers – they are a cult favorite, and for good reason! they are so enjoyable to spin, with basically no compacting or felting in the roving, and adrian’s color sense usually mirrors mine. i was lucky enough to score 8 oz of this fiber in a destash, and spun it into 750 yards of sport weight 2 ply last week. YUM.

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