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rhinebeck sweater!

October 17, 2011

wow, rhinebeck has come and gone! and i spent so much time working on my rhinebeck sweater, i forgot to post!

finished handspun sweater back detail

this was my first rhinebeck wearing a handspun sweater! actually, it’s probably my first rhinebeck wearing anything whatsoever handspun.

finished handspun sweater front

i designed this sweater, using one of my favorite ideas of cables as a shaping mechanism, in the dark grey jacob wool i spun during the tour de fleece! it used much less than i thought, and i have almost half of the yarn left over! the buttons are from malea, the webs office manager. i LOVE them, and i think they are perfect for this sweater!

finished handspun sweater back

i will be writing up the pattern in a commercial yarn…and in that vein, i have big plans for these sweaters i’ve been knitting up! more on that soon. i also didn’t take any photos of my rhinebeck loot before it got dark out today, whoops. sorry for being a cruddy blogger. but, hey, i knit a sweater out of my own handspun, and it came out fine, so i think maybe i can let this one slide.

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