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thanksgiving sweater

November 27, 2011

this is turning into something of a thanksgiving tradition for me. last year, over my thanksgiving break (thursday-sunday) i knit my charlemont pullover. i hadn’t heard back about the cardigan pattern yet, and had assumed it wasn’t accepted to knitscene, so i started knitting it for myself as a pullover with the end goal of self-publishing. of course, just after thanksgiving, i got an email asking about it for the fall 2011 issue! so i never posted about it. but the majority of the knitting did occur during those few days!


this year, i decided it would be a good idea both to knit up a sample garment of a recently published pattern, and to indulge my desire for a mini-sweater-dress (sweater-mini-dress?). i’ve finished a sleeve, but of course didn’t read the directions and will have to rip out the cap!. i’m also done with most of the body. i made a few alterations – mostly in length and shaping, but i also wanted to experiment with starting the pattern lower than i decided to in the pattern. i’ll post more about this later when i know how i feel about the changes.

over thanksgiving, i also got a chance to take a photo of an old FO. a few months ago, due to some crossed wires, i accidentally knit up a pi shawl, in madelinetosh prairie, as an unwanted gift. of course, what the recipient (who had no part in the wires crossing) actually wanted was a much easier circle scarf, which took about two hours to throw together when it came down to it, so it wasn’t a huge deal. and then, my younger sister lay claim to the pi shawl, so no knits were orphaned by this story.

Thanksgiving pi

unfortunately, i only had my phone to use as a camera, but this will give you an idea of the size! it is just large enough to act as a scarf and keep her warm in her chilly office.

Thanksgiving pi

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