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February 1, 2012

i’ve been a bad blogger. truth is, i just haven’t been doing a lot of interesting knitting OR spinning recently! i got kind of caught up in a last-minute, totally ambitious holiday project and kind of lost my motivation for a little while. that plus a large secret project put blogging on the back burner for a while.

the big holiday project was spinning a skein of sock yarn for my boyfriend’s mother’s christmas present. with better planning, i could have gotten this done easily, but i had the idea five days before christmas. i don’t remember the yardage; i think it ended up being about 325 yards of sport-ish weight, though, which for about 4 oz of superwash bfl is pretty good for me.

PRS superwash bfl

i also finished my good buddy melissa labarre’s greenery beret from her & cecily macdonald’s book weekend hats for a webs store project! as i already blogged, i had a hat pattern in this book, too, but i felt like i should branch out a little for the store project and picked a different hat. after all, i’ve already knit mine three times! my coworker greta was nice enough to model for this picture.

Greenery beret

i’ve also picked up another craft, possibly permanently, possibly temporarily. either way, i am so excited about this project, but for now you just get a teaser photo!

Cross stitch

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